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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Agile Scrum check list

The idea of this article is to define the set of practices and process for the agile development project based on my experience.
I believe the good practices and checklist are essential for the agile project to measure the performance of the project.
The project teams are starting with agile adoptions and often struggle to find where they are standing. The check list helps to agile team to figure out the painful area and overcome from that.

Product owners check list:

  • Is the product backlog is created and prioritized?
  • Are all the requirements from all stakeholders for the product captured in the backlog?
  • Is the Product Backlog a manageable size? 
  • Is release plan adjusted after the last Sprint Review Meeting?

Scrum masters check list:

  • Is the project created and initiated?
  • Is the Project Management Plan created?
  • Is spring backlog created and maintained?
  • Is the iteration plan created for the entire scrum period?
  • Is burn down chart is created and updated up-to date?
  • Is project WAR room created and used daily?
  • Is daily stand up meeting happening and not more than 15 to 30 minutes?
  • Is action items from the daily stand-up meeting tracked and closed?
  • Is the environment details for the Development/QA/Staging are identified?

Business Analyst check list:

  • Is the feature list are identified?
  • Is detailed user stories are written for the features and reviewed by stockholders?
  • Is the stories are broken down into specific requirements as per the plan?
  • Are non functional requirements are captured?
  • Is mockups are created and approved?
  • Is demo provided to the product owner on weekly basis and captured the walkthrough defects?
  • Is requirement tractability matrix maintained for features, user stories, requirements and test cases?
  • Technical Lead check list:
  • Is design document created and approved?
  • Is Sequence, Sub system design and Class diagram are created and reviewed?
  • Is code review done and the checklists are filled?

Developers check list:

  • Is coding standards are deliberately followed?
  • Is unit test cases prepared and executed?

Quality Engineer check list:

  • Is testing scope checklist created and maintained?
  • Is test coverage report created for each iteration features?
  • Is test cases created and reviewed for all the features?
  • Is testing defect report generated and shared to all stockholders?

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