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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What’s New in PMBOK Guide, 5th Edition

Are you ready for the newest guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge? PMI is poised to release the new version of the PMBOK Guide before the end of 2012.
I have highlighted what’s new in PMBOK5 compare with PMBOK4 below:
Total numbers of process in PMBOK4 are 42.
Total numbers of process in PMBOK5 are 47, the Project Stakeholder Management knowledge area has been added newly.
Color Coding:
Added Removed Changes

Knowledge Area
PMBOK 5 Processes
PMBOK 4 Processes
Project Integration Management
·        Direct and Manage Project Work
·        Direct and Manage Project Execution
Project Scope Management
·        Plan Scope Management
·        Validate Scope
·        Verify Scope
Project Time Management
·        Plan Schedule Management
Project Cost Management
·        Plan Cost Management
Project Quality Management
·        Control Quality
·        Perform Quality Control
Project Human Resource Management
·        Plan Human Resource Management
·        Develop Human Resource Plan
Project Communication Management
·        Plan Communication Management
·        Manage Communications
·        Plan Communications
·        Identify Stakeholders
·        Distribute Information
·        Manage Stakeholder Expectations
Project Risk Management
·        Control Risks
·        Monitor and Controls Risks
Project Procurement Management
·        Plan Procurement Management
·        Control Procurement
·        Plan Procurements
·        Administer Procurements
Project Stakeholder Management
·        Identify Stakeholders
·        Plan Stakeholder Management
·        Manage Stakeholder Engagement
·        Control Stakeholder Engagement

In my next article, I’ll try to run down the changes for each of the eachc project management knowledge areas.


  1. I don't see any major revamp from PMBOK4. Most of the changes are to explicitly state what was already implied in PMBOK4. They have standardized the approach like having the first process in each knowledge area to get a management plan. Put much emphasis on stakeholder management & removed it from communication mgt; put it as another knowledge area. Looks good revisions in the right direction.

  2. Sathees: I really appreciate your continual efforts to share valuable information in your blog. Wish you Happy New Year :)

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