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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Team Building

People working together can sustain the enthusiasm and lend support needed to complete the project.
Teams succeed when members have:
·         Commitment to common objectives;
·         Defined roles and responsibilities;
·         Effective decision systems, communication and work procedures;
·         Good personal relationships.
T.E.A.M = Together Everyone Achieves More.

Stages in Team Building:
·         Forming
o   People are still trying to figure out their roles in the group; they tend to work independently, but are trying to get along with each other.

·         Storming
o    As the team learns more about the project, members form opinions about how the work should be done.
o   This can lead to temper flare-ups in the beginning, when people disagree about how to approach the project.

·         Norming
o   As the team learns more about the other people on the team, they begin to adjust their own work habits to help out each other and the team. Here’s where the individuals on the team start learning to trust each other.

·         Performing
o   Once everyone understands the problem and what each other are capable of doing, they start acting as a cohesive unit and being efficient. Now the team is working like a well-oiled machine.

·         Adjourning
o   When the work is close to completion, the team starts dealing with the fact that the project is going to be closing soon.

Team leader role:
·         Encourage and maintain open communication.
·         Help the team to develop and follow team norms.
·         Help the team focus on the task.
·         Deal constructively with conflict.
·         Keep a record of team meetings.
·         Maintain a record of team assignments.
·         Maintain a record of the team's work.

Tips for successful team:
·         Commitment to shared goals and objectives
·         Clearly define roles and responsibilities
·         Clear communication
·         Beneficial team behaviors; well-defined decision procedures and ground rules
·         Balanced participation
·         Awareness of the group process
·         Good personal relationships


·         A team is a group of people working towards a common goal
·         Team building is a process of enabling the team to achieve that goal
·         The stages involved in team building including clarifying the goal, identifying the inhibitors and removing them.
·         The nature of the team building varies in terms of scale, and what you are trying to achieve

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